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• Carbon Facial
A mobile Laser and IPL tattoo and hair removal business based in Lancashire, UK. 
With over 30 years of experience in both the Beauty and Tattoo industries Janine and Dougie have a wealth of experience with IPL Hair Removal and Laser tattoo removal. 
“I have been involved in the beauty industry for over 17 years, Dougie also worked as a  professional tattoo artist owning his own studio’s for 30 years. This is where we were introduced to the technologies we now employ as part of Revive Laser Treatments. 
A short while after we both retired 18 months ago (perhaps a little bit early) We felt we still had services to offer and decided to embark on our new business venture, just before lockdown… This has given us the time to research and prepare ourselves to offer such a unique service – one usually a fixture within tattoo and beauty studios, the difference is we can come to you, whether that be on your premises or in your home. Offering a service that has the clinical amenities but from the comfort of your living room, kitchen, wherever!”
– Janine
We provide everything you need from chairs to lasers, couches etc. Everything you would find in the most modern studios / salons – just because we are mobile doesn’t mean we need to cut corners to provide the best service possible, after all working from home is more viable than ever!
The process is quite simple, we come to your home or studio / salon and set up, this takes approximately 20 minutes depending of the treatment you require. On average your treatment will be completed within around a hour. Roughly we will back on the road in under two hours.  Our team are here to make you feel comfortable, with a long history of working closely with people to make them feel at ease, so let us know your requirements.
Upon contacting us for one of our services we will organise a preliminary consultation appointment in order to assess a suitable treatment depending on customer needs and medical history. 
We will need to know about any medications you are currently taking and provide relevant paperwork to proceed with the treatment. Once we have assessed you we will carry out a skin patch test which will be undertaken 48 hours before your treatment commences, this is covered with a small charge but will be deducted from the cost of your course on you book with us.
We are fully insured and follow all regulatory guidelines required to provide both Laser and IPL treatments. 
*Price Per Session (Black / Grey or Colour Tattoo's)
Small: 5cm x 10cm – £40
Medium: 10cm x 10cm: £50 
Large: 15cm x 15cm: £60
Larger Tattoo prices will be discussed on consultation, Black and Shades of grey tattoo’s are easier to remove than full colour. No guarantee all colours can be removed
*More than 1 session will be required
*Price Per Session
Centre brow – £35
Upper lip – £35
Chin – £35
Chin + lip – £60
Lower face – £70
Stomach – £85
Neck – £45
Chin and neck – £65
Full face – £80
Nipple area – £40
Naval – £45
Bottom / All Areas – £120
Upper arm – £55
Under arm – £50
Lower arm – £65
Full arm – £115
Bikini – £65
Bottom / Cheeks – £80
Brazilian – £100
Hollywood – £125
Lower leg – £155
Feet and toes – £55
Hands and fingers – £55 
Full Leg – £55
Lower Back – £85
*More than 1 session will be required
*Price Per Session
Ear Lobes – £35
Upper Lip – £45
Above Beard Line – £55
Full beard – £105
Front of neck – £55
Back of neck – £55
Front + back of neck – £90
Under arms – £65
Lower arm – £75
Full arm – £125
Chest – £105
Stomach – £85
Upper back – £120
Full back – £150
Buttocks – £120
Lower leg – £145
Full leg – £180
Hands and fingers – £65
Feet and toes – £65
*More than 1 session will be required
*Price Per Session
Rosacea Noise: £50
Rosacea Cheek: £50
Rosacea Chin: £50
*More than 1 session will be required
*Price Per Session
Small Area: £75
Medium Area: £100
Large Area: £150
Small Area: £70
Medium Area: £100
Large Area: £140
X Large Area: £180
*More than 1 session will be required
Sun Spots, Age Spots, Redness (Price per session)
Both upper cheek bone areas: £100
Both full cheeks: £150
Both hands – Small: £125
Both hands – Large: £150
Single Marks: £50
*More than 1 session will be required
*Price Per Session
Full Face: £100
Full Back: £200
Full Chest: £200
Back & Chest: £300
*More than 1 session will be required
*Price Per Session
Forehead Area: £100
Cheek Area: £50 Per Cheek
Chin Area: £100
Other body parts on consultation
*More than 1 session will be required
*Price Per Treatment
Face: £175
Neck: £40
Chest: £40
Hands: £135
Face + Neck: £210
Face, Neck + Chest: £245
*Price Per Treatment
Carbon Facial: £85

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